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Ways to choose the perfect domain name

How to choose the Perfect Domain Name for your SMB

It is important to choose the perfect domain name for your SMB. It is the identity of your business online. So it should be carefully thought through.

In the past, people preferred to go for exact match domain (EMD) name with the .com domain name extension. It was so because SEO value usually topped the priority list of what most online business owners want to benefit from purchasing a domain name. But that no longer counts as one of Google has been looking to reduce the value of low-quality EMDs.

For many years, website users associated anything internet with the .com domain name extension. Now, Domain name registrars offer an array of domain name extensions. There is definitely an extension that portrays your business (no matter the type) better to your audience than .com.

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Virtual Private Server hosting is flexible, scalable, effective and secure

5 Benefits of Virtual Private Server Hosting

Virtual Private Server Hosting is one of the many types of web hosting services you can choose to host your website on the web. You need your site files on a web server to have a website on the internet. It is quite difficult and costly to set up and manage a server. It is easier for an average person to host their website online. They only need to buy a web hosting plan to rent space on the web and upload their site files. (They do not need server setup)

Most organizations still don’t have a clear understanding what dedicated hosting and shared hosting can offer. Despite the fact that Virtual Private Server Hosting has turned out to be quite popular over the years. Here are the benefits of VPS and why it should be picked as a permanent solution.

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Importance of Redundancy

The Importance of Redundancy in Web Hosting

Redundancy is generally viewed as superfluous repetition or overlapping, excessive, and unnecessary. It has a totally different meaning in web hosting where it means backup in layman’s terms.

When it comes to databases, networking, website maintenance, and other technical endeavors, however, redundancy is not only necessary — it is essential.

All organizations, sooner or later, will face minor disasters, for example, hardware failure, power outage, Internet disruptions, and so on. Shockingly, many will likewise experience genuine disasters, for example, flooding, fire, earthquake, terrorist attack, and so forth. What distinguishes the organizations that bounce back from such calamities without a scratch from those that can’t deal with the outage and go out of business? Redundancy.

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Choosing the Best web hosting company for your website

10 Things in choosing the Right Web Hosting company

Do a research for the right web hosting company suitable for your website. So as to reach a more relevant audience and generate maximum revenue.

Before reading further put everything aside and think through on your business needs. This is because you can never get the right web hosting company for your business needs without first, knowing what you need.

If you don’t know what you need you can never identify where the solution lies.

For example, a starter doesn’t need to care much about bandwidth limit or storage facilities since most web hosting companies offer a starter plan suitable for minimum traffic websites.

For most starters, the shared hosting plan is the ideal hosting package to purchase. It’s cheap, reliable, easy to maintain and sufficient enough for the most website just starting out.

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Importance of a mobile-friendly website

4 Important Reasons for Having a Mobile-Friendly Website

The essence of a website is to produce income. Only a mobile-friendly website can ensure this.
Smart gadgets have affected how people see the Internet. Quite a number of people haven’t opened a telephone directory in a long while. Since technology has advanced into what it is today, it’s immeasurably critical that you a mobile-friendly website. You could be incidentally harming your business. If your website is not equipped to adjust to smaller screen resolutions.
You’re inviting all internet users when you create a mobile friendly site. You could estrange the users who are hoping to spend money with your business if they can’t access the site on their smartphones or tablets. Here are some of the reasons you need a mobile friendly website:

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Simple Steps To Creating A Successful Blog

Infographic: Short, Simple Steps To Creating A Successful Blog

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How To Choose An E-Commerce Platform

There are several factors to bear in mind when selecting an ecommerce platform. For instance, the platform should have the feature one would require, such as – inventory control, the right payment systems, and the best shipping options. Even if you do not possess the technical capabilities (or funds to employ them) you will need a platform with a simple set up.

Irrespective of your technical skills, you will need a platform that is simple enough for your team to use. In order to ease your decision making, here is an evaluation of three of the best ecommerce platforms: Prestashop vs Agoracart vs TomatoCart.

These names may sound like some weird. But the reality is that all three of these ecommerce platforms are powerful solutions for online stores.

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Most Popular Cloud Hosting Fallacies, Disproved!

Cloud hosting is the latest trend in the web hosting industry. Almost all web hosting companies now provide cloud hosting plans as part of their service line-ups. Even though there are tons of resources, articles and even online forums that centre on cloud computing and cloud hosting, there are quite a few misconceptions surrounding the usage of this new technology and the advantages of actually using it.
We will demystify four of the most common cloud hosting fallacies in this article.

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So You Have a Domain Name…Now What?

You’ve chosen the best domain for your business…now what? Consider having a domain name like receiving the keys to your new home. You’ll need to install curtains and windows in your new house, decorate, and ensure you include a security system. There are several things you may need to consider after registering your website domain name:

Start blogging tactically
Having a blog on your business or personal website allows you to:
• Engage and interact with visitors.
• Deliver information
• Indicate that you’re listening and attentive to visitors needs

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10 Myths About Cloud Computing, Debunked!

Cloud is generally accepted as expediting “speed-to-market” – and for its capability to push business agility. This being because cloud bolsters rapid experimentation and innovation by permitting companies to swiftly try and even embrace new solutions without substantial start-up costs. The Cloud can be a very agile cover around various systems, different activities and combining it all in an engagement cycle. By altering the manner which people interact with technology, cloud facilitates new methods of consumer engagement, develops teamwork across the value chain and propels innovation for companies’ fundamental business structure.

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