What is Shared Hosting or cPanel Hosting?

What is Shared Hosting or cPanel Hosting


Thinking of hosting a domain for your business and seeing a ton of options ?

Let’s talk about shared hosting
Shared hosting also called cPanel hosting is a type of web hosting that allows multiple websites on a single physical shared hosting server. You share space and other resources on the shared hosting server with other domains hosted on that server. In simpler terms, you have web neighbors on the server.

Shared hosting is easily the most economical hosting options available but it has its limitations which will be discussed below;


  • Most economical and cheap web hosting option
  • Can be upgraded when allotted resources are used up
  • Technical maintenance on the server not done by you but by web hosting companies
  • Shared hosting comes with cPanel which allows you to manage your site


  • The load time for shared hosting websites may be slower when you compared to dedicated server as your site begins to get high levels of traffic
  • Other sites on the shared hosting server may pose a risk to your site unlike VPS.
  • Compared to dedicated server, there’s less control over configuration.

Other alternatives to Shared hosting

There really isn’t any alternative that is as cheap and affordable as shared hosting. Although, upgrades can be done.

However,alternatives to shared hosting include WordPress hosting, dedicated server and VPS. WordPress hosting however may be a bit similar to Shared hosting, but there are some major differences between Shared hosting and WordPress hosting. All of these costs more than a basic shared hosting plan, but they provide greater levels of customization and performance.

cPanel hosting is great for beginners in web hosting with little traffic to their sites

Ready to Start?
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